Update #6

'O.W.S - Psychological Warfare In Two Abstract Movements'

Limited edition of 20 numbered cassettes of various colors housed in clear vinyl clam shell box with covers printed on 67lb ivory vellum, silver foil labels, OBI strip and bonus art print insert.

                                              Order your copy now: https://bit.ly/2s3gUSw


Update #5

'Broadcasts From Beyond' and 'Cosmic Litany' will begin shipping this Friday, May 18th.
We would like to thank all of those that ordered.
Your continued support is keeping us going.

International Customers: Your orders may take longer to arrive.
We apologize for this, but it's out of our control.

We would like to announce a new addition to the label called Static Void.

This will be a continued collection of releases that focus heavily on the art side of things.
The first series in Static Void will be available to order from the Housewife Records Bandcamp beginning May 18th.

Some info on Static Void - Series One:
Sound and art become one in the first installment of this limited series. Five antique 10" records from the 1940s have each been lathe cut with a section of experimental noise. The records are housed in hand painted multimedia jackets covered in magnetic tape that has been ripped out of cassette shells. These densely detailed pieces of art are unique in every way.

10" antique records are single sided with printed label.
Hand numbered edition of 5 pieces only.



Update #4


These last months have been very interesting and HWR would like to thank you all very much for the continued support. All current orders have been shipped and will arrive soon.

The label would like to announce a new addition to our catalogue called 'Broadcasts From Beyond' which is assuredly the strangest thing we've offered.. so far.

Over 40 minutes of Occult recordings have been meticulously compiled just for this unique auditory experience. Hear the genuine sounds of seance, glossolalia, EVPs and other spiritual communications from beyond. Limited edition cassette housed in handmade O-cards adorned with writings from the pages of the Necronomicon. Gold foil labels and fluorescent green shells that glow under black light. Packaged in resealable bags.

This release is limited to 24 copies with no future runs planned.
Pre-orders are available for $7CAD and ship out on May 18th.

Order your copy here: https://housewiferecords.bandcamp.com/album/broadcasts-from-beyond-hwr004



Update #3

The release of 'Aural Explication' is but 12 days away. The effort that went into constructing & deconstructing this project will be the same effort those that receive one will need to put in to bring it back to life. We strongly encourage the recipients to show their work. We will highlight it in some way so that others might hear your efforts. All current orders will ship on the 18th this month.

We will announce a new release for May as well.




Update #2

                                Wherever you are,
                                 I appeal to you
                          On the wings of words that fly,
                              Whatever the distance,
                             Traverse time and space
                            And appear in my presence.



Update #1


This medium will be utilized in order to convey information regarding HWR activity.
We value your contributions to our cause immensely and would like to extend our warmest regards to all customers for the months of February and March.

'The Psychology of Dogs' 7" picnic plate record is now sold-out and all current orders have been promptly shipped.

The 'Aural Explication' Musical Puzzle Box Set as well as 'Cosmic Litany' VHS are available to order now and will ship on the 18th day of April and May, respectively.

We will continue to look forward to the coming months for new surprises.

-Housewife Records